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Diseases of the Larynx

Edited by Dr Alfio Ferlito
Arnold, 2000, ISBN 0340760168


Review by Julian McGlashan, University Hospital, Nottingham

This comprehensive reference textbook has 65 Chapters (860 pages) written by many leading experts in the field of Laryngology mostly from Europe and North America. It is generally well written and referenced and has over 500 good quality black and white photographs and drawings. Chapters 1 to 14 cover the basic sciences, laryngeal imaging and some voice measures, and chapters 15 to 34 deal with the diagnosis and treatment of benign laryngeal conditions. The remaining 31 chapters are devoted to aspects of laryngeal cancer ranging from carcinogenesis to the incredibly rare case of laryngeal cancer in pregnancy. In spite of the broad perspective on "diseases of the larynx" I am not quite clear who this book is primarily aimed at as many Otorhinolaryngologists tend to specialise in either "voice" or "cancer" rather than both. A specialist in either of these areas might find some of the chapters rather superficial and basic and many others of no particular relevance to their practice. Non-specialist Otorhin-olaryngologists, Speech and Language Therapists and trainees, however, would find this a great source of information on the field of contemporary laryngology and as such this book will make an excellent addition to any department or medical library.



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