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Here's How to Do Therapy - jacketHere's How to Do Therapy

Debra M Dwight Ed.D, C.C.C-SLP
Plural Publishing


Review by: Katy Salt, August 2006

"Here's how to do therapy" and included DVD, is intended as an easy to read, easy to follow sourcebook aimed at providing clear, basic and functional key skills for S&LT (SLP), students and professionals, and is designed to increase confidence in conducting effective therapy sessions. It concentrates on the application of 28 underlying skills required for successful therapy.

The book is divided into two sections. Part one presents concepts, explanations and strategies relating to therapy sessions and the identification of core skills through using specific written forms. The second section includes the use of the DVD in demonstrating these core skills.

The book overall is comprehensive but lacks real depth of information and is confusing to use in parts. I feel wary of practical books that require complex instructions on how to be used effectively. It is generally directed at paediatrics and appears to be aimed at a basic level.

Much of the text involves scripted therapy conversations giving very specific modelling techniques and stage directions which is a more American method, and much of the terminology is American based. Some of the examples given in the scripted sessions appear patronising and not perhaps appropriate to use in comparative English speech and language therapy sessions.

The spectrum of disorders outlined is very wide and the information given is brief, resulting in a broad but superficial knowledge base.

This book is more of a basic guide and manual, a practical book useful to those with an intermediate understanding of therapy, as it gives the reader a surface knowledge and a step by step guide providing them with basic information on which to expand their skills. The workshop DVD works well in demonstrating examples of practical therapy skills outlined in the book.

Katy Salt initially trained as an actress at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, and worked in the profession for approximately eight years before retraining as a Speech and Language Therapist in 1997. She is currently working as a Specialist in Voice and Laryngectomy at Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent.



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