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  • The voice for voice in the UK

  • The voice for voice in the UK

  • The voice for voice in the UK

  • The voice for voice in the UK

  • The voice for voice in the UK

  • The voice for voice in the UK



Talking Voice: A new series of online lectures for 2024

In 2024 will be the BVA year of the speaking voice. We all need a working voice in order to communicate effectively. Voice loss can have a devastating impact on work, leisure, education, family life and relationships.

There will be a series of online lectures covering various aspects of the spoken voice including the impact of serious illness on the voice, how to care for the voice, how to effectively use the voice and to maintain its function.

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Multidisciplinary management of functional voice disorders

FRIDAY 23 February 2024
09.00 – 17:15

St Thomas’ Hospital, London SE1 7EH.
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Performer singingFor professional voice users
The British Voice Association provides a unique network of support and provision for performers and professional voice users . Linking world-class professionals, working across multiple disciplines, the BVA strives to provide education and assistance to those whose voice is their most valuable tool. This includes advice on vocal technique, performance, technology and all aspects of vocal health and hygiene (both physical and emotional).

Endoscopy in the voice clinicFor health-care professionals
For anyone wanting to practise in the field of voice care, be it within speech therapy, ENT or other allied professional specialities, the British Voice Association gives an invaluable insight into the professional voice user, a national network of contacts to be able to discuss cases with and refer to, and up to date courses and discussions to keep those working in multidisciplinary voice clinics across the country on the cutting edge of phoniatrics.

Teacher and studentFor teachers The multi-disciplinary make-up of the British Voice Association offers a unique opportunity to grow in your knowledge as a teacher.‎ By attending training events and presentations that involve other disciplines you can get a new perspective on your own practice, also deepening your understanding of vocal function. Armed with this knowledge you will become a more effective teacher.

Student audienceFor students
Whether you are studying performance, speech therapy or ENT the British Voice Association gives you educational and networking opportunities with some of the most eminent practitioners in each field who believe in multidisciplinary practice. By offering both specialist events dedicated to your field and larger integrated events where information and expertise is shared across related disciplines, as a British Voice Association member you will gain new tools for your practice and access to a UK-wide network of experts.


Sharing best practice

Sharing best practice is demonstrated to improve performance – it helps to avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’. We work on the premise of continued learning based upon clear evidence of success and recognition of the connections and interdependencies between professional disciplines. Documents can supply a lot of knowledge but it is through people that deeper understanding is most easily transferred. The British Voice Association is dedicated to facilitating the dissemination of best practice for all those involved with Voice.

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