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Talk Voice

Talk Voice

Our mission for 2024 is the speaking voice

WEDNESDAY 13 March 2024
18.00 – 20.00 (Registration)

Online (via Zoom).
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Multidisciplinary management of functional voice disorders

FRIDAY 23 February 2024
09.00 – 17:15 (Registration from 8.45)

St Thomas’ Hospital, London SE1 7EH.
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Friday 24 November 2023, 10.00 - 17.15

Follow the ScienceFollow the Science:

British Voice Association Research Study RESEARCH STUDY DAY and Van Lawrence Prize

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Saturday 23rd September 2023

Beyond the Boundaries for the Amplified VocalistBeyond the Boundaries for the Amplified Vocalist:
A study day for microphone singers, singing teachers, and vocal clinicians

SUNDAY 8 October 2023
10.15 – 17:00 (Registration from 9.45)
Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regent's Park Rd, London
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Saturday 23rd September 2023

AGM & Study Day imageAGM & Study Day:
QUIET COURAGE: Finding a way through the distress of voice loss

AGM (members' only) & Study Day (open to all).
This is an in-person event but is also being live-streamed (and recorded)
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Thursday 20th April 2023: 8:45 - 17:30

Poster for Voice Forum 2023: Laryngeal Diagnostics

VOICE CLINICS FORUM 2023: Laryngeal Diagnostics

This was a conference day held at Governor's Hall, St. Thomas' Hospital in London. It was open to all those working in the field of voice care and voice science and particularly to Voice Clinic teams. The focus was that of complex diagnostics and the use of laryngeal visualisation, acoustic and auditory analysis and how this informs successful treatment outcomes. We welcomed three speakers from across the globe to this in-person event. Abstract submissions for our research programme were welcomed.

Saturday 25th February 2023: 10:00 - 17:00 GMT

Banner for Sing Stronger for Longer event

Sing Stronger for Longer: Tips and latest Research on working with the mature voice

This day presented a comprehensive overview of tips and techniques for working with the older voice. Working with the mature voice is a holistic process so an understanding of the impact of singing for health and well-being is essential.

Professor Stephen Clift's presentation 'Singing, wellbeing and health: The need for robust critique in evidence reviews' gave advice on singing, well-being, and health, with a cautionary message of taking care to examine all the evidence one receives.

Dr. Filipa Lã, the keynote speaker, gave two presentations;

  1. Menopause: A friend or a threat.
  2. Workshop: Real-time visual feedback of phonatory airflow with a semi-occluded vocal tract. This workshop focused on using a flowball to improve respiratory function.

Rebecca Moseley-Morgan started the day a brief overview of what age-related changes will impact on the voice and how to mitigate them. In the afternoon she gave a masterclass with four mature singers and will demonstrate her top tips for overcoming age-related changes to the voice.

Saturday 12th November 2022: 10:00 - 16:30 BST

Poster for Working with Young Performers

Working with young performers in choirs, theatre and in training

Whether singing in school, choir or on stage, care must be taken to set up our young singers for a lifetime of healthy and joyous singing.

At this event we explored insights from diverse speakers. Taking a whistle stop tour from an overview of vocal development, strategies for managing voice change and engagement of choirs to management of young professionals and common pathologies of the young voice.

Sunday 4th September 2022: 11:00 - 16:00 BST

Poster for I Am My Voice event

I AM MY VOICE: The Art and Science of Vocal Identity

Your voice is entirely unique. Your acoustic profile identifies, even verifies you. Intriguingly, your voice reveals: who you are, how you feel, where you've been, and who and what you've been listening to. Those who work professionally with voices, scientist or artist, know that a voice is more than distinctive acoustic or physiology. A voice is personal: formed by mind, language and culture, and central to a concept of self.

This BVA Study Day, our first live event in three years, was for anyone working with voice: speech therapists, singing teachers, vocal coaches, physical therapists, doctors and performers.

Saturday, 23rd April 2022, 10.00-17.00 GMT

Singing for Health and Wellbeing poster

Singing for Health and Wellbeing: Lessons learnt from practice and research

Whether as performance or therapy, alone or in a choir, singing is known to improve health and wellbeing, bringing about increased engagement, agency and confidence. But do we understand why and how? This interdisciplinary study day brought together leading researchers, therapists and practitioners. From their diverse corners in the arts and sciences, presenters shared what has been learnt from innovative projects and specific interventions to improve singing and speech outcomes or to employ voice work to promote physical and mental integration and wellbeing.

Topics included: Breath, Voice, and Covid: a medical perspective; Beatboxing for Muscular Dystrophy and Cystic Fibrosis; Singing for Lung Health (COPD, Asthma, and pulmonary fibrosis); Therapeutic Application of Osteopathy to Singing; Songwriting for Perinatal Mental Health; The Longevity of the Female Voice; Singing for Health Network: a Community Project

Presenters: Georgina Aasgaard, Ann Coxhead, Sophie Dunn, Emily Foulkes, Dr Rachel Goldenberg, Rebecca Moseley-Morgan, Dr Natalie Watson, Dean Yhnell.

All sessions were recorded and available to paid-up delegates for a limited period after the event.

BVA@home event presented online via Zoom

11th March 2022, 09.00 to 16.45 GMT

Neurolaryngology: Tricky cases and new approaches poster

Neurolaryngology: Tricky cases and new approaches

Focusing on various aspects of neurolaryngeal disorders affecting both voice and swallow.

An online BVA study day with discussions of difficult cases and the multidisciplinary approach to their management. Experts in the field from the UK, Canada and the USA will be available during the live online question and answer session.

All sessions were recorded and available to paid-up delegates for two months beyond the event.

BVA@home event presented online via Zoom

27th November 2021: 15.00-18.00 GMT and 28th November 2021: 15.00-18.00 GMT

The Contemporary Commercial Singer poster

The Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) Singer

Focusing on vocal technique, performance and pedagogy for CCM vocal artists

An online BVA study weekend for singers, singing teachers and voice health professionals with an interest in the CCM performer's voice and work.

Renowned international CCM vocal practitioners shared their knowledge and practical advice, exploring a variety of stylistic techniques in rock, pop, soul and R&B. As well as an enhanced understanding of the challenges that gigging singers face in their performing careers, you will gain a variety of CCM-specific teaching approaches and strategies to enhance healthy vocal performance.

All sessions were recorded and available to paid-up delegates for one month beyond the event.

BVA@home event presented online via Zoom

Virtual 3-day conference: 3rd-5th September 2021

Choice for Voice 2021: Crossing boundaries in voice

The British Voice Association's first 3-day voice conference in 10 years. The theme of the conference was 'Crossing Boundaries in Voice', with an emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches to health, performance, and research in the field of voice. In particular we are keen to shine a light on research and practice that acknowledges the holistic nature of voice use, as well as on those who draw upon other fields of practice in order to inform and enhance their own.

Key areas for discussion included; physical and mental wellbeing for voice users, voice and the workplace, and crossing genre boundaries in pedagogy and performance.

Friday 16th April 2021: 7.30pm - 8.30pm and Saturday 17th April 2021: 2pm - 6.30pm

Secrets of the Spoken Voice

The BVA is proud to support actors, public speakers and voice-over artists with our next big online event: a series of short workshops on 16th and 17th April 2021. This is an entirely practical event - not a PowerPoint in sight!

Friday 16th April 2021: WORLD VOICE DAY, 7.30pm - 8.30pm
  • Barbara Houseman: The Communicative Heart of Voicework – FREE EVENT

Saturday 17th April 2021: 2pm - 6.30pm

  • Matt Dudley: Moving and Being Moved: Finding Freedom and Ease with Fitzmaurice Voicework®
  • Yvonne Morley- Chisholm: Holding the Mirror Up to Nature
    Vocal skills for speaking on Elizabethan stages, the intimate vocal booth and encompassing all those who rely on their spoken voice.
  • Joanna Weir Ouston: Linklater Voice Work
    Linklater's philosophy and use of imagery to help free the voice and deepen the speaker's/actor's connection to text.

BVA@home event presented online via Zoom

Thu 11th, Tue 16th and Thu 25th February 2021 (7pm – 9pm all three days)

Voice Clinics Forum 2021: 'Managing Laryngeal Injury'

  • Thur 11th February: Surgical session
    Moderator: Yakubu Karagama, ENT Surgeon
    Elisabeth Sjögren, ENT Surgeon (Leiden, The Netherlands): ‘Sulcus, scar and tricky things’; and Nicholas Gibbins ENT Surgeon (London).
  • Tue 16th February 7–9pm: Tissue engineering session
    Moderator: Jonathan Fishman, ENT Surgeon
    Professor Markus Gugatschka, ENT Surgeon (Graz, Austria): ‘Molecular Laryngology: Establishing a new level of understanding in modern laryngology’.
  • Thur 25th February 7–9pm: Research session
    Moderator: Dr Rehab Awad, Speech and Language Therapist
    Presentation of short papers relevant to the field of voice (Deadline for submission 7th February).

BVA@home event presented online via Zoom

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November

Training the Vocal Athlete:

Pedagogical approaches to optimise vocal fitness and wellness

A weekend event hosting the authors of 'The Vocal Athlete’, Wendy LeBorgne, Voice Pathologist and Singing Voice Specialist and Marci Daniels Rosenberg, Speech-Language Pathologist and Clinical Singing Voice Specialist.

BVA@home event presented online via Zoom

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September 2020

The Voice – Top Down

A practical weekend looking at the neuroscience for working with voice. A top-down, multidisciplinary approach to vocal pedagogy and voice rehabilitation.

BVA@home event presented online via Zoom

August 2020

Online Lectures

Four one-hour sessions (45 minute lecture + 15 minutes Q&A)

  • Professor Martin Ashley: The First Choirs Standing
    7:00pm, Wednesday 5th August 2020
  • Paul John McKenna: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Voice
    7:00pm, Thursday 13th August 2020
  • Christella Antoni: Working with Transgender Voice
    7:00pm, Tuesday 18th August 2020
  • Mark De-Lisser: The story sings the song
    7:00pm, Monday 24th August 2020

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June 2020

Healthy mind, Healthy Voice

Multiple factors can impact on healthy vocal production. This event presented strategies from experts in different fields on how to enhance our understanding of these issues as well as practical tools and advice.

BVA@home event presented online via Zoom

Saturday 22nd February 2020

Tension Release

Helping voice users unlock tension and free their voice. A day about managing muscular and psychological tension in professional voice users. A multidisciplinary approach to releasing tension from the experts in their fields. Hear the input from an experienced voice therapist, a skilled physiotherapist and learn how to self-manage tension through self-hypnosis or external vibration therapy to relax muscles.

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November 2019

Extreme Voices

A weekend for vocal coaches, speech and language therapists, singers and voice professional researchers exploring different approaches to extreme voicing from around the world.

Sunday 22nd September 2019

Finding Your Inner Jazz: Voice, style and pedagogy

Though a century old, jazz singing is still a mystery to many singers and teachers. This interactive study day with masterclass, led by expert jazz singers, teachers and voice researchers, offered a practical and pedagogical overview of jazz voice and vocal style.

16th and 17th July 2019 plus 13th January 2020

The Accent Method 2019: 3-day course

The Accent Method is a holistic therapy regime designed to co-ordinate respiration, phonation, articulation and resonance to produce clear and well modulated speech. It originated with Danish Phonetician, Svend Smith, and is widely used in Scandinavia and on the Continent. It is an effective rehabilitation technique for voice disorders and stammering, and has also been used as a valuable method of vocal training for healthy voices.

7th July 2019

Hormones & Voice

Shining a light on the role of hormones on our voices. Intended for everyone who works with voice: speech therapists, singing teachers, physical therapists, doctors and performers.

19th May 2019

Breathe easy: Theories and practices for speaking and singing

Respiratory issues for all voice users, problems caused by asthma, coughing and ageing plus introductory workshops on two different approaches to breathing, The Accent Method and The Fitzmaurice Voicework.

2nd and 3rd February 2019

BVA/CEN Voice Clinics Forum 2019

'The Philadelphia Voice Clinic Approach to the Management of Professional Voice Users': A unique collaboration between the British Voice Association and the London Voice Clinical Excellence Network.

24th and 25th November 2018

Interactive Rock & Pop Weekend 2018

A weekend of practical ‘hands-on’ learning for singers, vocal coaches and voice professionals.

9th September 2018

Glottal Start: Laryngeal science into practice

A day of lectures, demonstrations and interactive panel discussions that will appeal to all voice professionals including speech and language therapists, laryngologists and singing teachers.

12th and 13th July 2018 plus 21st January 2019

The Accent Method

The Accent Method is a holistic therapy regime designed to co-ordinate respiration, phonation, articulation and resonance to produce clear and well modulated speech.

23rd March 2018

Voice Clinics Forum 2018

Topics included: Neurological voice disorders; public understanding of the voice; the elite performer in crisis and functional voice disorders.

18 March, 2018

Freeing the Dancer’s Voice

A multidisciplinary day for dancers who sing and anyone who supports them. This event looked at the range of difficulties dancers can be faced with and how best to approach working together to support them.

21st January 2018

Chain Reactions

An interactive and practical day suitable for speech and language therapists, spoken voice and singing teachers and performers.

27th and 28th July 2017 plus 15th January 2018

The Accent Method: a three day course

The Accent Method is a holistic therapy regime designed to co-ordinate respiration, phonation, articulation and resonance to produce clear and well modulated speech. The aim of this course is to set out the rationale, on which the Accent Method is based, to allow delegates to experience the technique themselves and provide them with practical skills and tools to bring into their own area of work.

4th November 2017

Interactive Choral Day

A day of practical, ‘hands-on’ learning for singers, conductors and choral leaders

abcd / Association of British Choral Directors(logo)
In association with abcd (the Association of British Choral Directors)

23rd and 24th September 2017

A weekend for singers & singing teachers

Saturday 23rd September: Janice Chapman, the distinguished Australian-born soprano and voice coach and author of ‘Singing and Teaching Singing: A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice’, presented a masterclass using her unique teaching model with five young singers.

Sunday 24th September: 'Growing a Singer: Resourcing, nurturing, troubleshooting'; An exciting day with five enlightened singing teachers sharing their expertise.

2nd July 2017*

The management of Chronic Cough and related disorders

Focusing on chronic cough. Contributing factors stemming from allergy or conditions in the ENT, chest/pulmonary and gastroenterology systems will be considered. Speakers to be arranged.

* British Voice Association AGM* Study Day, included presentation of the 2017 Gunnar Rugheimer Lecture by Mel Churcher (Acting and Spoken Voice Coach).

7th May 2017

Tools of the Trade

An interactive day designed to look at evidence based voice therapy techniques used in current clinical practice. Topics discussed include Lax Vox, Lessac Madsen Resonant voice therapy and facilitation techniques for eliciting voice in paediatric psychogenic voice disorders.

18th March 2017

Assessment, diagnosis and remediation in the studio

Dr. Ron Morris working with four students and troubleshooting problems they might encounter in their repertoire. Following the success of the recent book If In Doubt Breathe Out by Ron Morris and Linda Hutchison, delegates had the chance to observe Dr. Morris working on such issues as respiration, articulation and tongue function.

13th January 2017

Voice Clinics Forum 2017

Debate: “This house believes that professionals working in a voice clinic should demonstrate fulfilment of a set of core competencies” – the case for and against.
Multidisciplinary Panel discussion of four difficult cases and their management
Vocal biomechanics: are vocal gestures meaningful? If so, which ones and why?
Research and audit presentations
An hour devoted to small on-going research and audit projects from around the country including reports and questions.

19th November 2016

From Vocal Health to Vocal Wealth!
How to help the untrained speaking voice achieve potential

This event offered perspectives on voice education for the professional voice user. Speakers: Carol Fairlamb – Head of Voice, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School; Phyllida Furse – Spoken Voice Teacher and Coach and Carrie Garrett – Voice-Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Singing Teacher, Choir Leader and Singer.

13th and 14th July 2016 plus 5th January 2017

The Áccent Method: a 3-day course

The Accent Method is a holistic therapy regime designed to co-ordinate respiration, phonation, articulation and resonance to produce clear and well modulated speech. The course set out the rationale on which the Áccent Method is based to allow delegates to experience the technique themselves and provide them with practical skills and tools to bring into their own area of work.

24th September 2016

Method in the Madness: An introduction to research and audit

A multi-disciplinary study day for all those working with voices who are interested in carrying out research or in auditing their work. The speakers addressed the principles of research and why we need an evidence base for the work we do.

10th July 2016

Voice in the Extreme

Issues addressed included innovation in neuro-laryngology, laryngeal re-innervation surgery, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and the extremes to which the human voice can be developed including world records for range, volume and other wonders of agility, tone and voice production.

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