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World Voice Day 2018


The British Voice Association's contribution to World Voice Day 2018

Voice Clinic Who's who? (leaflet cover)

The Association marked the occasion again with a new contribution to our existing series of information leaflets and materials. The title of the 2018 leaflet is “The Voice Clinic Who’s Who: a guide to who does what in a Multidisciplinary Voice Clinic”. It provides information about professional services that may be available in a Multidisciplinary Voice Clinic or recommended as part of vocal recovery management. It is designed primarily for patients so they understand the roles of both the Voice Clinic personnel and those of the wide range of practitioners they may be referred to for further treatment. It is hoped that it will also be of value to the Voice Clinic staff to support their patient management plans. The leaflet will be circulated to our membership in mid-March and is available to download from our 'Free Resources' section.

The Association also encouraged the membership to find ways of celebrating healthy voices in the work place and community. We sent out the usual guidelines with tips on activities to spread the word about how to keep our voices healthy.


World Voice Day around the UK


Sam Brady, Specialist Speech & Language Therapist, Speech Tools Ltd, Bristol

Speech Tools Limited is an app company which designs and creates apps to help people to improve their voice. As a specialist speech and language therapist working in the field of voice, all of our voice apps have been developed due to a clinical need – for people who need help in maintaining a healthy voice or are wanting to monitor or change their voice. We have now sold our apps in 177 different countries!

Each app continues to develop and extend dependent on customer/user feedback. People can contact us directly using the message button on the app and let us know any feedback or suggestions for future developments. This way we ensure our apps are all relevant and updated.

To celebrate World Voice Day 2018, we had a sale and put all of our voice apps on sale at half price.

One minute Voice WarmUp - to keep your voice strong and healthy

Voice Analyst - to monitor & analyse the pitch and volume of your voice

Christella VoiceUp - to help to trans women find their feminine voice

I also put a video up on social media of myself doing some lips trills to spread voice awareness around on World Voice Day.



Sara Harris, Voice Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, Lewisham Voice Disorders Unit

I undertook an interview for the Voice of Islam Radio on their drive time show. I was asked about the work of the British Voice Association and also questions about voice disorders, how many people suffer from them and what you can do to look after your voice. We spoke a bit about what can cause voice disorders, especially in terms of how damaging shouting can be for the voice. During the interview somebody rang into the programme about a relative who had been offered surgery to remove a small benign growth on a vocal fold but was afraid to accept in case it might permanently damage the voice. It was nice to be able to reassure the caller that in the hands of an expert voice surgeon this was extremely unlikely and that in the same circumstances I would accept the surgery option.


Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Rachel Radford, Rotherham Speech and Language Therapy Department

The main entrance of Rotherham Hospital was filled with the voices of talented students earlier this week in recognition of World Voice Day on 16 April.

Raising awareness display

More than 20 students from Rotherham College’s musical theatre and dance department joined Speech and Language Therapists from The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust to raise awareness and celebrate the voice. Songs were performed and the public and staff were invited to join in. A number of Speech and Language Therapists were on hand during the celebrations to provide patients and visitors to the hospital with advice and guidance on a range of simple voice exercises.


We wanted to celebrate World Voice Day by showcasing how powerful the voice can be, how people should look after it and what support is available for people with voice problems.


Pippa Anderson, Voice Coach. The Vocal Room

The Vocal Room invited people to share their voices to promote The BVA and World Voice Day on 16th April 2018. A promotional video was created for a social media posting where choirs and soloists (one from as far away as New York) shared videos of their performances in a mini celebration in honour of World Voice Day. facebook.com/vocalroom/videos/451812721914796


World Voice Day around the world

Melbourne, Australia

Leslie Cartwright, Voice Teacher

National Theatre Drama School First year students in the professional Acting program took Vocal Health as our theme and discussed common vocal problems for actors.

The BVA’s A4 flyer, Take Care of Your Voice, served as a helpful prompt for general voice and health issues. It’s important for young actors to take ownership of such issues, early on in their training.


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